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Kova Jewelry is rooted in integrity, loyalty, and service…just like our veteran founders.

Shaping Gold Ring

Not only can you expect expert craftsmanship with each Kova piece, but know there is a story behind each wearable piece of history.


During deployment in Afghanistan, a soldier started hand-crafting men’s rings from unique materials he found while there. They became popular among his battle brothers, and upon his return to the states, he continued making them for other veterans and soldiers.


In 2021, a business was born and now these unique designs are available, but only on a wholesale basis. All of our custom pieces continue to be made by hand…some using a grindstone operated by foot. We will never mass produce in a factory, nor move production overseas. Each piece is expertly crafted in the USA with all materials being officially certified from private collections and museums.


We are incredibly proud of the work we do, and hope you enjoy wearing a one-of-a-kind piece of history.

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