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Our unique collection of expertly hand-forged pieces are crafted from moments of the past.


Here at Kova, we proudly believe in pushing the boundaries of what fine jewelry should be. When imagination meets exemplary craftsmanship, the possibilities are limitless.


Each Kova design is masterfully created to enhance the history and beauty of the original source material. We have meticulously hand-selected everything for our custom creations from imported Jameson Distillery barrels to Helyabinsk meteorite fragments to authentic Sherman Tank steel to even a 6,500-year-old partially petrified Morta Bog Oak.


When you wear a Kova design, you wear a piece of history.


The Kova Collections

_MG_7922-Red-XL (1).png
_MG_7955black-XL (1).png
_MG_7937-Bule-1gold black green-XL.png
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